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League of Legends (Tutorial) Usability Review

League of Legends, by Riot games, is a third-person MOBA using three games modes: Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Howling Abyss. There are two tutorials. After the first tutorial, players can choose to do another tutorial-like training. If they accept, players select one of three “champions” who each have unique abilities. Teams consist of 5 players with the goal of destroying the opposing team's nexus.

Fingeance Usability Review

(Testing and reporting originally from Spring 2016) Fingeance, by Escape Industries, is a 4-player shoot-em-up game in which the fish (you) are trying to get back your gills that have been taken from you. The game relies heavily on a teamwork dynamic which requires strategically choosing which characters to play, as some play different roles.

Chimera Genesis Usability Review

(Testing and reporting originally from Spring 2016) Chimera Genesis is a multi player co-op game where players take on various animal forms and explore different worlds. Players must steal limbs in order to gain abilities and fight for survival. Chimera Genesis is developed by North Games, LLC