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About Me

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a lover of games, psychology, cats, and UX Research! Keep reading to get to know me.

I've loved video games for as long as I can remember and have loved psychology for almost as long. I chose to pursue my mass communication degree at the University of Minnesota because it let me combine my passion for both of these. During my masters degree, I found my love for games user research as well. During this time, I took coursework on both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, as well as a couple statistics courses. As soon as I learned about games user research (GUR), I did everything in my power to gain experience that was relevant to the field. I joined the GUR mentoring club, did games research for my thesis, and was able to network around my local game developer community and convince them to let me do games user research on their games. I graduated in Summer 2016 and since then have been building out my network and practicing my skills as a freelance Games User Researcher.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, trying new games, acting, and taking pictures of my cats. I love meeting people, especially other game lovers. Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter, or LinkedIn, or my email:

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Metro Nexus Usability Review

Metro Nexus is a puzzle-platformer game that is both cooperative and competitive at the same time. It has an old-school arcade feel that is a homage to an old Arcade game called City Connection. Players navigate each level by their vehicle, that can jump from platform to platform and pick up and use items such as mines and life. The design of the game was inspired by transit systems from worlds major cities.

Featured skills: Research, Project Management

Verdant Skies Usability Review

Verdant Skies is a life simulation which takes place in a world called Viridis Primus. Influenced by games like Harvest Moon, your character helps aid in the success of the colony in which you live by growing crops and building machines that help you manufacture new and useful materials. In addition to the focus of building and creating things to help your character survive, Verdant Skies also has quality storytelling.

Fingeance Usability Review

(Testing and reporting originally from Spring 2016) Fingeance, by Escape Industries, is a 4-player shoot-em-up game in which the fish (you) are trying to get back your gills that have been taken from you. The game relies heavily on a teamwork dynamic which requires strategically choosing which characters to play, as some play different roles.